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Our similar ways of viewing things may dull our perception.
Our similar ways of doing things may slow down our creativity.

Learning in other surroundings may extend our views. Artistry shows a different culture - a culture, in which playful elements and curiosity are as fundamental as discipline, perseverance and determination.

By artistic creativity colleagues can once again become better acquainted. In workshops they discover their common traits and find out how their individual strengths and skills combined may be used by the group. Different arrays of abilities are looked into. The basic need of teamwork is required in the majority of exercises. New colleagues find themselves easily immersed and integrated within the team and the business culture.

Children and young people can learn about themselves using circus pedagogics. The playful approach, which works without words, helps them to become familiar with the unknown, to discover the undisco-
vered and to work with others in close cooperation and harmony.

With circus pedagogics one can learn in a playful manner the social skills, attitudes and abilities like self-assurance, coordination and the capacity to work in a team. It is not about total perfection or maximum output. The different disciplines in circus - Acrobatics, juggling, tight-rope walking or magic - offer many opportunities to try it for one self. The versatility of circus techniques do not require special condition or strength, thus ensuring that the untrained can also participate.

Artistry imparts:
Sense of responsibility
Ability to cooperate
With competent guidance Artistry can extend the horizon:
Instead of retreating to the known - awake curiosity
Instead of referring to one self - promote team abilitye
Instead of isolation - facilitate exchange
The courses can have a duration of between halve and several days. Their conception is based on a method which allows the approach step by step to different disciplines of the circus.

Acrobatics! Juggling! Trapeze! Tight-rope walking! One wheel riding! Magic! Fakir art!

An arena full of possibilities.
Depending on your requirements and disposition you may select what is best for your requirement.
For further information please contact Trapezius - artistic & communication. I look forward to hearing and advising you.